How CBD Hemp Flower Can Help Tobacco Smokers

How CBD Hemp Flower Can Help Tobacco Smokers

There is no denying that the 2018 US Farm Bill poses a grave threat to both the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries. Now that hemp is legal on the federal level, tobacco smokers have a scientifically proven non-addictive alternative to choose from.

According to research done by Nielson Global Connect, a large number of tobacco smokers are serious about tossing out their nicotine cigarettes in exchange for all-natural CBD Hemp flower. When you consider the health drawbacks of tobacco, it not difficult to understand the surge in demand for USDA Organic CBD Hemp Flower.

Although we do not anticipate hemp fully replacing tobacco, there is no denying that there is a lot of excitement around CBD Hemp flower and how it help our society move away from tobacco products. If you are a tobacco smoker who is thinking about giving Royal Remedies strains a try, then you should know that you are not alone in this journey. As hemp farmers become easier to access, the move towards CBD Hemp flower will only accelerate and become more widespread.

How CBD Hemp Flower Can Help Tobacco Smokers

How Many Tobacco Smokers Use CBD Hemp Flower?

To better understand this substantial increase in demand amongst smokers, Hemp Industry Daily and Neilson teamed up to study consumer behaviors in the CBD Hemp flower industry.

According to the data and research provided by Neilson Global Connect, analysis believe that tobacco smokers are far more likely to consume CBD Flower than non-smokers. At this time about 25 percent of all smokers have stated that they have tried CBD in one form or another within the past calendar year. Research also suggests that there is over a 150 percent chance of a tobacco smoker using smokeable hemp versus nonsmokers.

Tobacco Farmers Prefer Planting More Profitable Hemp Plants

CBD Hemp and tobacco

Another issue facing the tobacco industry is that an increasing number of farmers simply don’t want to grow it! As demand for tobacco continues to decline, so does the value. Obviously, since the cost of cultivating tobacco increases due to government regulations, fewer cultivators are interested in adding it into their crop rotation. Many farmers are now saying that it is more profitable to grow hemp crop versus a perfect tobacco crop.

As more and more tobacco cultivators move from tobacco to hemp, it could drive the average price of smokeable hemp down over the next couple of years. On the other hand, as these farmers move over to cultivating hemp, the cost of tobacco will rise, due to tobacco becoming more scarce, meaning it will get even more costly for cigarette uses to keep up their habit.

Why Choose Smoking Hemp Vs. Tobacco?

Hemp is Non-Habit Forming

How CBD Hemp Flower Can Help Tobacco Smokers

CBD has been deemed nonaddictive and non-habit forming by the World Health Organization. This is one of the biggest reasons why so many tobacco smokers have switched over to hemp pre-rolls and CBD hemp flower. Unlike, nicotine, CBD use is non-habit forming and does not contain any psychoactive properties meaning that it will not leave users feeling "stoned". Not only that, but high-quality hemp plants have none of the toxic additives found in cigarettes.

Legal hemp plants have less than 0.3% THC, and therefore it is impossible for smokers to feel "stoned" or "high" with a high-CBD hemp flower or pre-roll. On the other hand, most users experience a general sense of ease and calmness while smoking organic hemp strains. This means that users can use CBD hemp flower throughout the day since there is no risk of getting addicted or feeling out of it.

Immediate Impact

When compared against other CBD products, CBD hemp flower has incredible bioavailability, and users experience relief almost instantly. When CBD Hemp flower is consumed it does not have to go through the digestive tract, therefore it does not lose some of its effectiveness. Instead, the smoke from the hemp flower goes directly into your bloodstream, which means you can experience relief within minutes.

Hemp Taste

CBD Hemp Flower

At first glance, people who have never tried smokeable hemp may be skeptical about the taste and feel of pre-rolls and hemp flower. That is an undetectable assumption as hemp was primarily grown for industrial use and given the nickname "grass".

However, over the years hemp cultivation has come a long way and there are some remarkable hemp strains in the marketplace. Royal Remedies cultivators take their time and adjust various variables throughout the growing process to ensure you receive plants that have the highest cannabinoid and terpene profiles. The results of their labor are hemp plants that give customers a rich flavor experience.

Could CBD Hemp Flower Help With Nicotine Addiction?

First and foremost it is important to understand that there is no sc scientific evidence that CBD can help with nicotine addiction. We always recommend that smokers work with their primary care physician if they want to reduce cigarette consumption and addiction.

However, some initial studies suggest that CBD might have therapeutic value. One study in particular out of the University College London found that cigarette smokers who inhaled CBD daily for one week reduced their average cigarette consumption by 40%. Researchers also said that smokers who took the placebo in the study did not reduce their cigarette consumption.

We hope in the near future more scientists investigate CBD's role in nicotine addiction, so we can better understand how CBD works. Until then it is best for cigarette smokers to consult their doctor to see if it is okay to try CBD Hemp flower or CBD pre-rolls.

Royal Remedies CBD Hemp Flower

Make The Switch To Smokable CBD Hemp Flower With Royal Remedies!

There has never been a better time to start smoking CBD hemp. Not only is hemp now federally legal, but the quality and variety of products in the marketplace are also vast. Anyone new to the smokeable hemp market should take their time choosing the right strain and effects associated with Royal Remedies Hemp strains.

For extra convenience, you could also look into our CBD pre-rolls. Carefully crafted with our USDA organic CBD Hemp flower and filled to the brim, these preloaded joints are the perfect alternative for people who are used to smoking cigarettes.

Royal Remedies is dedicated to bringing only the cleanest and most pure hemp flower to our customers. If you'd like to learn more about our cultivation process, and high-quality hemp strains, be sure to check out our lab reports which are done by batch. You can also reach out to our friendly and knowledgable Royal Remedies staff with any questions on our contact page.

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