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Our Story

Our Mission

Power In The Plant

Our mission is to educate consumers about the therapeutic power of natural, safe and effective cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Here at Royal Remedies we strive to spread the truth about natural remedies, that should be considered the first choice, not simply an alternative. 

Big Pharma has been misleading the public for years and as a result we have numerous issues in our society. We believe that hemp derived products have the potential to help fix those issues, and bring consumers bodies back to natural homeostasis. 

Organic CBD Hemp Flower
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Where is Royal Remedies?

Royal Remedies headquarters is located in Sunrise, FL but our products are available throughout the USA in headshops, smoke shops, CBD shops and various other locations and of course here on our online shop. Although we are located in Sunrise, Fl we partner with farmers throughout the country to ensure we provide the highest quality hemp derived products in the marketplace. 

Our Story

Superior Process. Superior Product.

Royal Remedies is a family owned and operated business. This means when you order from Royal Remedies you are part of our Royal Remedies family and we treat you as such. Every part of our process from cultivation to fulfillment is done with your wellbeing in mind. That's why all of our CBD Hemp flower is certified USDA organic and never contains any heavy metals or harsh pesticides. We believe that these harmful substances do not belong anywhere near your CBD products, and most certainly not in your body. Bring your body back to its equilibrium with our Royal Remedies USDA Organic CBD Flower today. 

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