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Is CBD Hemp Flower Legal?

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Is CBD Hemp Flower Legal?

Smoking hemp flower is trending as it is a widespread CBD consumption method. People are now smoking CBD hemp flower because it allows them to get their daily CBD intake and all of the terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds of the plant and because the experience is pleasurable.

The cultivation of hemp and the use and production of hemp CBD products became legal at the federal level through the Farm Bill in 2018. That is when the popularity of hemp products exploded. However, the legality of CBD hemp flower is still prohibited in some states and a "gray" area in others.

Federal Law vs. State Law

Is CBD hemp flower legal

Even though the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp at the federal level, each state is up to determine its legality and determine its public use. One of the main reasons is because it is difficult to tell the difference in looks and smell between premium hemp flower and marijuana. CBD hemp flower's legality under state law is more important than federal legality when it comes to legal consequences. Seen that every state has different rules about CBD hemp flower, and the wording can be misleading or confusing, it is vital to research your state's laws about CBD hemp flower.

Benefits of CBD Hemp Flower

Besides being tasty, other benefits are associated with CBD hemp buds. The benefits that you get from the hemp flower depend on the quality of your buds. Organically-grown, hand-trimmed strains offer organic CBD nugs and render an unparalleled smoking experience. Some of the benefits of smoking CBD hemp flower include but are not limited to its fast-acting effects, non-psychoactive effect, more comprehensive strain selection, and experiencing the entourage effect.


CBD Hemp Flower

Users appreciate the immediate effect they get from smoking CBD hemp flower. The effects of their chosen strain are felt within minutes after their first puff. The effects are so direct because the hemp smoke goes directly into the lungs for a quick, potent effect.


Many people are interested in or have smoked CBD hemp flower because of its many benefits without an intoxicating effect. CBD hemp flower has a high CBD content and low THC percentage. Because the THC levels are so insignificant, you can smoke organic CBD hemp flower without getting "high." Even though THC levels are low in CBD hemp flower, it is important to note that THC traces could appear on a drug test. To learn more about CBD Hemp Flower and Drug testing please visit our CBD Flower Drug Testing blog post.

Strain Selection

As CBD hemp flower takes its place in the market, cultivators are breeding and crossbreeding compelling new strains. With the diverse array of strains, you can find a CBD hemp flower that is right for you based on your taste buds and desired effects.

Entourage Effect

CBD Hemp Flower

The entourage effect is often the topic of conversation when talking about CBD and CBD products. The fundamental principle is that all of the naturally occurring compounds in the hemp plant work as a team to produce a heightened effect. The major compounds are terpenes, CBD, flavonoids, amino acids, and THC.

At Royal Remedies, we believe that quality is imperative. This belief is our driving force to supply our customers with premium CBD hemp flowers. When you buy Royal Remedies CBD hemp flower, you are getting USDA certified organic CBD flower that comes right out of the field without processing or chemicals. We are committed to bringing you CBD hemp flower in its most natural state.

Please keep in mind this blog post is not legal advice. If you have any specific questions we urge you to reach out to a cannabis-specific law firm.


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